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ARROW's June SVOD Lineup Announced

The Time Traveller (1984, UK/IRE/US/CA)

Arrow Video is excited to announce the June 2024 lineup of their subscription-based ARROW platform, available to subscribers in the US, Canada, the UK and Ireland. Enjoy a selection of new titles, from carefully cultivated curations to shorts by new talent to deep dives into the tastes of filmmakers that changed the way we see the genre.

The Seasons kick off June 3 with Quarxx Selects (UK/US/CA/IRE), a selection of titles from Quarxx, the creative mind of May's key title, Pandemonium.

"As a filmmaker, I am constantly drawn to films that defy convention and take audiences on unexpected journeys. My favorite titles reflect my passion for unique genre cinema that pushes boundaries and explores the uncharted territories of storytelling. Each film on this list holds a special place in my heart for its distinctiveness, originality, and the way it challenges conventional norms.

Each film on this list represents a distinct facet of my cinematic sensibility, reflecting my love for bold, daring storytelling and my fascination with the limitless possibilities of the medium. These films have left an indelible mark on me as a filmmaker, inspiring me to push boundaries and explore new creative horizons in my own work."

Titles Include: Re-Animator, Tetsuo: The Iron Man, Tideland.

On June 7, fall under ARROW's spell with Witch! (UK/US/CA/IRE): Spell-binding tales of witches and witchcraft abound in this coven of Cult films.

Titles Include: Elvira: Mistress of the Dark

Also on June 7, enjoy three shorts from director Anthony Sneed that each took the international film festival circuit by storm: Stripper, Swipe and Stuck (all UK/US/CA/IRE).

On June 14, celebrate the indie festival circuit that shines a light on unknown gems with Chattanooga Film Festival Selects (UK/US/CA/IRE).

Celebrating eleven years of Summer Camp for cinephiles and one of MovieMaker Magazine’s 25 Coolest Film Festivals in the World, the Chattanooga Film Festival is an entirely volunteer-run non-profit film festival. Running June 21-28 in person and virtually, the fest is an annual movie mixtape of unique, challenging, significant (both critically and well, haha otherwise), and most importantly, fun movies. 

For their selects, the CFF have handpicked past festival alumni and their fond film favorites for your viewing pleasure. Support the festival and support Indie film!

Titles Include: Crow Hand!!!, Meat Friend, The Leech.

The June 14 celebration of indie film continues with the release of a quartet of thought-provoking shorts (all UK/US/CA/IRE).

Cut & Run: Rigo Garay (The Leech) stars as a man who cuts off his ankle monitor and attempts to get back his valuables, so that he can repay his mother before going on the run. 

Death Walks on Nitrate: Rose, an icy photographer, encounters a mysterious old woman who plunges her headfirst into a psychedelic nightmare.

Umbilical Glue: Olga struggles with her odd interest in umbilical cords until she joins a gang of punk belly-button enthusiasts.

A Bit of Fun: A short film shot entirely on 16mm that explores love and loss through the parameters of female friendship.

On June 21, go back to the 1980s with a pair of films from Nico Mastorakis.

The Time Traveller (1984, UK/IRE/US/CA): Mastorakis shows a more thoughtful side in The Time Traveller, where the widow (Adrienne Barbeau, The Fog) of an astronaut and her young son come across a mysterious man (Kier Dullea, 2001: A Space Odyssey) with uncanny powers on a beach in Greece.

Sky High (1985, UK/IRE/US/CA): The wacky Sky High sees three American jocks on holiday in Greece being handed a tape by a mysterious figure, who begs them to not let it fall into the wrong hands before being shot by an unseen assassin.

On June 21, bolt the doors, lock the windows and open up ARROW to watch Home Invaders (UK/US/CA/IRE).

Guaranteed to gross you out and featuring the sleaziest and skeeziest films on ARROW, this one is bound to give you The Ick.

Titles Include: Momma, Don't Go, Mantrap. Straw Dogs: The Final Cut, Kolobos.

June 28 continues ARROW's ode to Mastorakis with two more of his 80s comedies.

Terminal Exposure (1987, UK/IRE/US/CA): Featuring an early score from the great Hans Zimmer, Terminal Exposure focuses on two carefree beach photographers, who accidentally photograph a murder and immediately set after the assassin: a tall, gorgeous blonde with a rose tattoo on her behind.

Glitch! (1988, UK/IRE/US/CA): Glitch! sees two bumbling burglars whose attempt to throw the house party of the century in the luxury home of a Hollywood producer is foiled by a group of mobsters determined to collect what the producer owes them - no matter what.

As summer heads towards its peak, the June lineup comes to a close the only way an ARROW lineup can, with a heavy body count.

Slashers (UK/US/CA/IRE): Kick back and flick through ARROW's Slashers section and discover all manner of new killers stalking and murdering an endless supply of hapless victims who had it coming in a range of titles you'll know, you may never have heard of, or vaguely remember seeing just out of reach in the video store. From classics to new spins to deep cuts, they're all here in Slashers.

Titles Include: The Mutilator, Girls Nite Out, The Prey.

Crazed Killers (UK/IRE/US/CA):  The maddest lunatics, ready to chop you up into teeny-tiny pieces as soon as look at you, are all here in Crazed Killers, a curated collection that is full to the brim with homicidal maniacs!

Titles Include: The Wind, Doom Asylum, Don't Torture a Duckling.

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