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BRIGHTWOOD to be released on VOD and DVD

Described as “edge-of-the-seat and top-drawer entertainment" (My Bloody Reviews) and "like a Twilight Zone meets Timecrimes, with a hint of Blair Witch" (Bloody Disgusting), the disturbing American Indie BRIGHTWOOD comes to DVD and VOD/Streaming August 22nd.

Written and directed by Dane Elcar and starring Max Woertendyke and Dana Berger, this trippy psycho/horror film is set within the suffocating confines of a crumbling marriage. The film is coming off a successful festival run which included Austin's Other Worlds Film Festival, Panic Fest, The Big Apple Film Festival and Another Hole in the Head Fest, where it won the Audience Award for Best Science Fiction Film.

Cinephobia will release the film on DVD and streaming platforms beginning August 22nd.

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