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CFF2022' "The Creeping" - movie review

One of the stronger entries to this years Chattanooga Film Festival is the supernatural thriller from Jamie Hooper THE CREEPING. Set among the backdrop of a mysterious family home, THE CREEPING is a hair raising scarefest in the tradition of the most classic ghost films. Some movies you want to watch in the dark and THE CREEPING is one of those type of features. From start to finish THE CREEPING will have you looking down dark hallways and remind you that it's ok to be afraid of the shadows.

The film follows a beautiful young woman named Anna (Rain Steele) who returns to her grandparents home to help her sick grandmother. While there is a caretaker in the day she decides to stay to make sure her Nanna is kept safe at night. Pretty soon things start to become strange inside the house and she is taken back to a frightening memory from her past. Hands down this is a solid ghost tale with all the ingredients that allow it go bump in the night. Hooper provides plenty of scenes that build suspense to really allow the viewer to feel the presence making its way through the house. There are many things audiences will enjoy due to the carefully placed visual effects that don't overwhelm the movie. Small tricks that we have seen in films like PARANORMAL ACTIVITY present themselves with great timing. THE CREEPING took me back to my childhood as the type of movie that would have given me nightmares for days.

The story within THE CREEPING also provides a nice amount of depth than your normal run of the mill horror film. There are some dark items at play in the film which reaches across many topics that would make any casual horror fan feel uneasy. Don't expect any melee and carnage in THE CREEPING as it does just fine on it's own without the violence. The word "sinister" echos through the viewing of THE CREEPING. It's a film to look for for sure that should do well outside of the festival circuit.


THE CREEPING is directed by Jamie Hooper and stars Riann Steele, Jane Lowe, Sophie Thompson, Taliyah Blair, Jonathan Nyati, David Horovitch, Phillipa Peak and Peter MacQueen.

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