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Cinephobia Releasing to Present Erotic Thriller Emanuelle's Revenge this December

Many horror enthusiasts from the 70s and 80s will likely recognize the iconic name, EMMANUELLE. It was not uncommon for her sensual films to follow horror movies on select cable channels (thank the early days of Cinemax for that). Now, EMMANUELLE returns with a fresh, revamped appearance to complement an entirely new narrative featuring elements of torture, revenge, and, of course, desire. Be sure to delve into the full scoop on EMMANUELLE'S REVENGE, set to release this December.

A rich Lothario sets his eyes on a beguiling college student and part-time model. But when she refuses his advances, he punishes her. Enter Emanuelle, a writer with a unique style of revenge, who begins to play a dangerous cat-and-mouse game with him...

Cinephobia Releasing is proud to announce the North American release of EMANUELLE'S REVENGE, a tale that follows Emanuelle, that 1970s siren of filmic sensuality, as she returns in this engrossing erotic thriller involving obsession, seduction, control and vengeance. Far from being just an erotic film for men, co-directors Dario Germani and Monica Carpanese gives this entertaining tale a surprising S/M feminist twist. EMANUELLE'S REVENGE will arrive on DVD and VOD platforms including Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Google Play, Vimeo, and Kino Now on December 14.

"I turned on the screener for this film with reluctance, expecting another cheesy sexploitation rip-off, but Emanuelle’s Revenge proved me wrong by being an involving and enjoyable thriller with an erotic twist.”, said Ray Murray, President of Cinephobia Releasing.

Set in contemporary Italy, wealthy Leonardo is a high-powered businessperson by day and sleazy lothario by night. At a fashion event, his eyes lock on the beautiful and innocent Francesca, a college student and part-time model. The two begin an affair, but when his advances come on too strong, Francesca rebuffs him and calls off their relationship, much to Leonardo’s frustration. Enter Emanuelle, a sexy lesbian author who draws him into her mysterious and potentially dangerous cat-and-mouse game of seduction.

EMANUELLE'S REVENGE held a lively festival run including screenings at Horrorant Film Festival, Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival, Toronto Women Film Festival where it won Best Narrative Feature, Madrid Film Festival, winning Best Director, and Dubai Film Festival, taking home the coveted Best Actress award.


Directed by Monica Carpanese & Dario Germani

Written by Monica Carpanese Starring Beatrice Schiaffino, Gianni Rosato, Ilaria Loriga, Luca Avallone

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