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Fantastic Fest 23' Exclusive interview with JT Mollner, Christopher Bell & Z-Berg "Strange Darling"

As we bid adieu to the festival season, one film that's been garnering its fair share of attention is JT Mollner's 'STRANGE DARLING.' Our initial 5-star review hailed it as a potential film of the year, and during Fantastic Fest, we had the privilege of sitting down with JT himself, as well as the film's editor and music scorer, Christopher Robin Bell and Z-Berg.

In this candid interview, Travis delves into their expectations for the film, shares some hilariously terrible Tinder date anecdotes, and explores why 'STRANGE DARLING' is a significant portrayal of the real-life horrors of dating and the unsettling reality that anyone can become a predator.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to JT, Christopher Robin Bell, and Z-Berg for taking the time to chat with us, and we're excited to share this insightful conversation with you from Fantastic Fest 2023!

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