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#FantasticFest2022 'H4Z4RD' - movie review

When you are at Fantastic Fest to say you are ready to watch something strange is understatement. That also is true when you say "I want to see something explosive". If anyone was able to combine the two methods and give us so much more it would be the latest film from Jonas Govaerts H4Z4RD. Already a festival favorite with 2014's CUB he's back with a beat thumping car f** thrill ride like no other. That's right another festival and another movie with a car getting f**.

That maybe the best review I heard of H4Z4RD all week. "Just when I thought I wouldn't see it again" . Thought Govaerts flick will give you big BABY DRIVER meets SNATCH energy. It stars international DJ superstar Dmitri Vegas Thivaios. The only thing he loves more than his wife and daughter is his Lexus. It's his baby and he has the driving skills to knock off any job. Once family gets involved all hell breaks loose and the intensity of the film picks up with a soundtrack to follow. H4Z4RD is a hidden gem. Movies aren't suppose to have this much fun but believe me it does in droves. It will be hard to find a viewer not glued to the screen on all the crazy unpredictable madness presented before them.

Dark comedies like H4Z4RD excel because they are boundless. Just when you want to dare them to do something on the screen Govaerts and crew do it. With an adorable father daughter tale mixed in with the chaos the movie rounds out pretty well. Flicks like HARDCORE HENRY and GUNS AKIMBO will give you an idea for the type of emotions H4Z4RD will put you through. Hands down the most fun film off the event and really makes me second guess anything that Govaerts has coming out next.


H4Z4RD is directed by Jonas Govaerts and stars Frank Lammers, Dimitri 'Vegas' Thivaios, Jennifer Heylen, Jeroen Perceval, Monic Hendrickx and Gene Bervoets.

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