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GRIMMFEST 21' -HMUNCUT Exclusive interview with "TWO WITCHES" Pierre Tsigaridis and Maxime Rancon

We are rolling headfirst into our Festival coverage this year and we are kicking it off in a creepy way. One of the films at this years GRIMMFEST is the terrifying supernatural thriller TWO WITCHES. Travis got a chance to speak to filmmaker Pierre Tsigaridis who wrote the film with Maxime Rancoon.

TWO WITCHES follows the legacy of one witch to another in a no holds barred fashion. Travis spoke to the guys about the creation of TWO WITCHES, so of the "true" accounts the film is based off and how it feels to showcase their movie among a still weird pandemic climate. Enjoy the full interview below and look for our festival review of TWO WITCHES shortly!

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