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Hitchcockian styled thriller "Mothers' Instinct" starring Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain

Today, Neon released a thrilling new trailer and announced the release dates for "Mothers' Instinct," the latest film from director Benoit Delhomme. Set in the 1960s, this gripping thriller stars Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain as two best friends and neighbors whose perfect lives are turned upside down by tragedy.

In "Mothers' Instinct," Chastain portrays Alice, and Hathaway plays Celine, both living an idyllic lifestyle with manicured lawns, successful husbands, and sons of the same age. Their serene world is shattered by a tragic accident, leading to guilt, suspicion, and paranoia. As Hathaway's character starts to befriend Chastain's son in an unsettling attempt to replace her lost child, the bond between the women unravels, and a psychological battle of wills ensues, revealing the darker side of maternal instinct.

The film promises a captivating narrative with its exploration of friendship, loss, and the complexities of motherhood, set against the backdrop of a picture-perfect 1960s neighborhood.

"Mothers' Instinct" is directed by Benoit Delhomme, with a screenplay by Sarah Conradt and a story by Barbara Abel. The film is produced by Kelly Carmichael, Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway, Paul Nelson, and Jacques-Henri Bronckart. Alongside Hathaway and Chastain, the cast includes Josh Charles and Anders Danielsen Lie.

Mark your calendars for the theatrical release on July 26th, followed by a digital release on August 13th. Watch the new trailer now and prepare for a thrilling cinematic experience.

For more information and to watch the trailer, visit Neon's official website and social media channels.

"Mothers' Instinct" Release Dates:

- In Theaters: July 26, 2024

- Digital Release: August 13, 2024

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