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Horror Big 3 Podcast Episode: March 25th Week Review


Welcome, horror enthusiasts, to another thrilling episode of Horror Big 3! In this week's episode, we delve into the darkest corners of the genre, exploring the latest controversies, standout performances, and the potential for 2024 to be a landmark year for horror. Join us as we dissect the spine-chilling topics that have been making waves in the horror community.

Topic 1: Late Night with the Devil AI Controversy

In the first segment of our podcast, we tackle the controversy surrounding the blockbuster hit, "Late Night with the Devil." While the film has been smashing box office records with its devilishly good storyline, it's also stirred up quite the debate regarding the use of AI in its design process. Is the incorporation of artificial intelligence enhancing the horror experience or detracting from it? We weigh the pros and cons and invite our listeners to share their thoughts.

Topic 2: Sydney Sweeney's Immaculate Ending

Our discussion then turns to Sydney Sweeney's mesmerizing performance in "Immaculate." Sweeney's portrayal of Cecilia has captivated audiences, particularly in the film's intense final scene. Drawing parallels to the iconic horror moments of "Carrie," we explore the impact of Sweeney's vulnerability on viewers and recommend Margaret Atwood's insightful article on the enduring legacy of Stephen King's masterpiece.

Topic 3: Is 2024 Another Great Year for Horror?

Finally, we take a look at the year ahead and ponder whether 2024 is poised to be another stellar year for horror. With a plethora of spine-tingling thrillers and blood-curdling horrors slated for release, anticipation is running high among horror aficionados. We share the Letterboxed top films to see in 2024 and speculate on whether this year will solidify its place in horror history.


As we wrap up this episode of Horror Big 3, we reflect on the intriguing discussions we've had surrounding the latest developments in the horror genre. From the ethical implications of AI in film production to the potential for 2024 to deliver unforgettable scares, the world of horror continues to evolve and excite. We thank our listeners for joining us on this journey and encourage them to stay tuned for more bone-chilling content in the episodes to come.

Remember to subscribe to Horror Big 3 for all the latest news, reviews, and discussions from the world of horror. Until next time, stay spooky!


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