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Latest trailer for BABY ASSASSINS 2

BABY ASSASSINS 2: A Hilariously Fast-Paced Sequel Hits Digital and Blu-ray

In the highly anticipated return of Akari TAKAISHI and Saori IZAWA, BABY ASSASSINS 2 promises another action-packed slacker martial arts hit. Following a suspension from the agency, the duo becomes open targets for aspiring hitmen, setting the stage for a lightning-fast showdown.

Directed by Hugo SAKAMOTO, the sequel, debuting on Digital and Blu-ray™ on April 2 from Well Go USA Entertainment, maintains the gold standard for bloody and hilarious slacker action/comedies. As the talented duo navigates the world of "real" jobs, their vulnerability becomes apparent, attracting rival hitmen eager to eliminate the competition.

The film, praised for its fantastic fight choreography by Kensuke Sonomura, features a stellar cast including Atomu MIZUISHI, Tomo NAKAI, Tsubasa TOBINAGA, Tetsu WATANABE, Joey Tee, and Tatsuomi HAMADA. BABY ASSASSINS 2 promises to deliver reliably funny and downright hysterical moments, making it a must-watch.

Catch the lightning-fast showdown on Digital and Blu-ray™ from April 2, followed by an exclusive streaming release on HI-YAH! on July 2. Check out the latest trailer from Well Go USA and get ready for an action-packed sequel that blends humor and martial arts seamlessly.

Watch the All-New U.S. Trailer:


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