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Memories of terror 'Landlocked' - movie review

It's often impossible to be original when it comes to found footage films. Most of us know that's also true in most of the horror genre. Ever so often you find these little gems that find a way to use every item in the book under found footage to enlighten their films. 2020 stand out FOR ROGER comes to mind. In the new feature from Paul Owens LANDLOCKED we see a similar premise with a slightly different edge. Uniquely crafted and filled with slow oozing dread LANDLOCKED looks to push the limits of found footage.

Make some noise for the team of the Owens family. Reading the credits you aren't sure if it's a film or a reincarnation of the Duke Plumee brothers in college basketball. Mason takes the lead as a young man returning to his fathers home to collect some items before it's demolished. He finds a strange and old VHS camcorder and starts watching memories from his childhood. Pretty soon the camera starts to have a life of its own and what Mason starts to see will either scare him to death or bring him peace for his dead father.

Honestly LANDLOCKED has way more layers than it's initial offering. Once his brother arrives you really see a touching story of a missed family member. The entire time you know there is something evil underlying the film but you witnessing grieving. Which can be more disturbing than horror films. Anytime a film is showcasing a character trying to solve or unravel a mystery you can expect it to be slow. LANDLOCKED doesn't pick up too much when it hits the ultimate conclusion but we think viewers will get it. LANDLOCKED is pretty straightforward which helps with the eerie nature surrounding the events.

The truth is that most FF films get lost in the shuffle. Hopefully LANDLOCKED can find its audience because there is enough to enjoy in the Owens clan movie.


LANDLOCKED Directed, Produced & Written by: Paul Owens Mason OSwens as Mason Jeffrey Owens as Dad Seth Owens as Seth Paul Owens as Paul Writer/Director Paul Owens Archival VHS material directed by Jeffrey Owens

Comes to Select Theaters, VOD and Digital Platforms January 6, 2023 c/o Dark Sky Films

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