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New Trailer Religious Horror SHEEP'S CLOTHING by Kyle McConaghy

New Film "Sheep's Clothing" Explores Complexities of Redemption and Struggle

Directed by Kyle McConaghy and written by Nick Heyman, Kyle McConaghy, and Aaron Phifer, "Sheep's Clothing" follows high school principal Mansa Harper (Aaron Phifer) dealing with a traumatic brain injury after a violent attack. Seeking refuge at a fledgling church, Mansa discovers the Pastor's personal struggles seeping into the sanctuary. When a church member dies, Mansa steps in to help clean up, setting off a strange and intense journey to save the church and himself.

Starring Aaron Phifer, Sean Heyman, and Nick Heyman, the film explores the challenges individuals face in seeking redemption amidst personal and communal crises. "Sheep's Clothing" presents a raw and genuine portrayal of the human experience, free from excessive embellishment.

Set to provide a straightforward and authentic cinematic experience, "Sheep's Clothing" invites audiences to reflect on the complexities of the human condition and the universal pursuit of redemption.


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