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Night of the Hunted": Franck Khalfoun's Gripping Sniper Thriller on Shudder This Friday

In a world marked by the proliferation of weapons and the challenges of mental health, recent events in St. Louis have shed light on the unsettling transformation of humans into today's monsters. A harrowing incident, involving a former police officer, unfolded during a seemingly innocent "trunk or treat" event, illustrating the dire consequences of an armed shooter's actions. Franck Khalfoun's "Night of the Hunted" serves as a chilling reminder of how life can be held in the hands of a young woman, as she desperately seeks salvation while others attempt to escape the clutches of a relentless assailant. This Friday, the film will debut on Shudder, offering a departure from the conventional supernatural Halloween frights. Prepare yourself for an unsettling cinematic experience; this may well be the most realistically terrifying release of the season, as you'll discover in the gripping trailer ahead!

When an unsuspecting woman stops at a remote gas station in the dead of night, she’s made the plaything of a sociopathic sniper with a secret vendetta. To survive she must not only dodge his bullets and fight for her life, but also figure out who wants her dead and why...

Director: Franck Khalfoun

Screenwriters: Franck Khalfoun and Glen Freyer

Starring: Camilla Rowe

Producers: Alexandre Aja, Alix Taylor, Noëmie Devide, Morris Ruskin


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