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Official Trailer and Poster: TOTALLY KILLER Starring Kiernan Shipka, Olivia Holt and Julie Bowen

Greetings, fellow horror enthusiasts! We've got an exciting update from the latest Blumhouse slasher, "TOTALLY KILLER." Picture this: it's a mash-up of "HOT TUB TIME MACHINE" meets "HAPPY DEATH DAY," blending bad hairstyles and beloved clichés to transport us back to the nostalgic malls of our youth. It's like a time warp, taking us to that era when we weren't old enough to drive, but we were all about our favorite '87 Mazda Rx-7, Firebird, or Camaro—take your pick.

"TOTALLY KILLER" promises a whole lot of fun, and we've got great news! Amazon Prime is set to drop this blast from the past in October. To tease our slasher cravings, the studio has just unveiled a brand new trailer and poster for the film. Be sure to check them out, and stay tuned for our upcoming review.

This slasher-comedy gem is directed by Nahnatchka Khan, known for hits like "Always Be My Maybe" and "Fresh Off the Boat." The screenplay is crafted by David Matalon, Sasha Perl-Raver, and Jen D'Angelo, with a story by Matalon and Perl-Raver. Produced by Jason Blum, Adam Hendricks, Greg Gilreath, and more, this film boasts an ensemble cast featuring Kiernan Shipka, Olivia Holt, Charlie Gillespie, Lochlyn Munro, Troy L. Johnson, Liana Liberato, Kelcey Mawema, Stephi Chin-Salvo, Anna Diaz, Ella Choi, Jeremy Monn-Djasgnar, Nathaniel Appiah, and Jonathan Potts, with appearances by Randall Park and Julie Bowen.

The film runs for an exhilarating 1 hour and 43 minutes, promising a thrilling ride. Here's a glimpse of the storyline: thirty-five years after the shocking murder of three teens, the infamous "Sweet Sixteen Killer" returns on Halloween night to claim a fourth victim. Seventeen-year-old Jamie, portrayed by the talented Kiernan Shipka, finds herself face-to-face with the masked maniac. Fleeing for her life, she stumbles upon an unexpected twist—a time-travel journey back to 1987, the year of the original killings.

Now, Jamie must navigate the unfamiliar and outrageous culture of the '80s, teaming up with her teen mom, played by Olivia Holt, to take down the killer once and for all, before she's stuck in the past forever.

"TOTALLY KILLER" is poised to be the must-see slasher-comedy film of the spooky season, continuing Prime Video's successful collaboration with Blumhouse Television. Get ready for Kiernan Shipka to become your new favorite scream queen as Jamie Hughes. The ensemble cast includes the talents of Julie Bowen, Olivia Holt, Randall Park, Lochlyn Munro, Charlie Gillespie, and Liana Liberato.

Director Nahnatchka Khan, known for her previous hits in a different genre, makes her thrilling debut in the horror realm with this film. So, mark your calendars for October 6th, when you can time-travel to the 1980s and experience the outrageous culture shock alongside Jamie, portrayed by the fantastic Kiernan Shipka. It's going to be a killer ride you won't want to miss!


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