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OFFICIAL TRAILER | MAYDAY starring Grace Van Patten, Mia Goth, and Juliette Lewis

In director Karen Cinorre’s bold new action fantasy film MAYDAY, Ana (Grace Van Patten) finds herself transported to a dreamlike and dangerous coastline. Once there, she joins a female army engaged in a never-ending war where the women lure men to their deaths with radio signals, like 20th century sirens. Though Ana finds strength in this exhilarating world, she comes to realize she is not the killer they want her to be. Also starring Mia Goth, Havana Rose Liu, Soko, Théodore Pellerin and Juliette Lewis, MAYDAY will be released by Magnolia Pictures on October 1st in theatres and on demand.

MAYDAY - Official Trailer

Written and directed by Karen Cinorre, MAYDAY is an action fantasy starring Grace Van Patten, Mia Goth, and Juliette Lewis.

"For MAYDAY I wanted to create a radical portrait of young women I’ve loved and admired throughout my life. These are modern heroines who deserve a big story with the kind of action, spectacle and mystery their irrepressible spirits call for," said Karen Cinorre.

Directed and Written by: Karen Cinorre

Produced by: Jonah Disend, Lucas Joaquin, Karen Cinorre, Sam Levy

Starring: Grace Van Patten, Mia Goth, Soko, Havana Rose Liu, Juliette Lewis, Théodore Pellerin

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