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Patience through a liquid vessel 'Nanny' - movie review

Filmgoers will have a chance to see one of the more visually stunning horror films of 2022 soon. Nikyatu Jusu delivers the very powerful NANNY to Amazon Prime studios this winter. The feature stars Anna Diop and follows her tumultuous journey from Senegal teacher to child caretaker for an affluent couple. Already dealing with the rigors of the job and the dealings of being a young black immigrant she soon starts to get visits from a watery supernatural presence. What does it want? These questions and more are answered in this incredible thriller.

One thing we will say is Amazon Prime Studios is doing a fine job of grabbing tittles like NANNY. Though after the noise the film made in the festival circuit it's hard to deny why. Ive been waiting to see Diop in a lead role (huge DC Starfire fan here) and she more than delivered. Let's get pass how extraordinarly beautiful this woman is out of the way and really hone in on her performance. Top notch from start to finish and as a man that lives close to a few Senegalese families I thought her portray was justified. It shouldn't be that difficult because she is a Senegal woman herself! I'd love to hear which one of her Auntie's she used as reference for her role. NANNY plays like a dread filled fairytale. There is so much pain in the character and her ability to hold it all in while missing her son truly touches your soul. I'm not sure many people are aware of the lifestyles of some of these women. They are usually on the beckon call of their employers and generally have no life of their own. I really applaud Jusu and crew for this story because it's something we all need to be aware of.

Slavery is over but there is a servitude that many go through each day that questions their worth as a human. NANNY reminded me of this which is why this film is so impactful. To think that a person would leave such a passionate career like teaching and come to America still baffles me. Especially when all people want to do here is travel! Still the story in NANNY is immerse and one not to be forgotten anytime soon. Visually it will blow you away at moments with it's relentless aesthetics. The story will draw you in seeing the perils Aisha but endure. NANNY is one of the solid releases of 2022 so make sure you check it out when it comes to theaters and Prime!

3.5 / 5

NANNY is Written & Directed By Nikyatu Jusu and stars Anna Diop, Michelle Monaghan, Sinqua Walls, Morgan Spector, Rose Decker and Leslie Uggams.

Nanny Opens in Theaters on November 23

and Globally on Prime Video Starting December 16


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