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Submissions & Slashers Podcast Episode 62 "The Watchers", "Kill" updates and "Blackwater Lane"

In the latest episode of the popular podcast "Submissions & Slashers," host Travis delivered a mix of movie reviews, bizarre news stories, and indie film shout-outs, keeping the audience entertained and informed. Here’s a recap of Episode 62:


The episode kicked off with a warm welcome from Travis, providing a quick overview of the content lined up for the listeners. He hinted at movie reviews, unusual news from the past week, and a sneak peek into next week's thrilling content.

Review of "The Watchers"

The first major segment focused on the film "The Watchers." Travis dissected the movie, sharing his likes and dislikes. He also compared the work of Ishana, the film's director, to her father's, providing an interesting perspective on their filmmaking styles.

Weird News of the Week

In a segment filled with humor and surprise, Travis discussed a peculiar news story from Sky News. A woman in the UK discovered a parcel she had ordered two years ago while gardening. Yodel, the delivery company, issued an apology, but the story provided plenty of amusement and discussion points.

Indie Film Shout-Out

Highlighting the indie film scene, Travis shone a spotlight on "Blackwater Lane." He delved into the plot, sharing what makes this film a must-watch and building anticipation among listeners.

Preview of Next Week's Big Action Thriller: "Kill"

The excitement continued with a preview of the upcoming action thriller "Kill." Travis teased major elements of the movie, explaining why listeners should be eagerly awaiting its release.

The episode concluded with a look ahead to the next installment of "Submissions & Slashers." Travis announced an exciting episode titled "Hysteria Fest," featuring special guest Paul Hibbard, owner and creator of the event. He also promised insights into the Chattanooga Film Fest and more, ensuring listeners will tune in next week.

"Submissions & Slashers" Episode 62 provided a perfect blend of reviews, quirky news, and indie film highlights, keeping horror and action film enthusiasts eagerly waiting for more.

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