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The Rise of AI Thrillers in Entertainment: PROJECT DOROTHY starring Danielle Harris on VOD January 16.

Get ready for an influx of films delving into the ominous realms of artificial intelligence! Although initially slow to gain traction with H.E.R., the trend has now exploded, with a "Maximum Overdrive" vibe permeating every cinematic corner. Gravitas Features has successfully secured the rights to George Henry Horton's latest project, "PROJECT DOROTHY," promising a thrilling ride for audiences.

Headlined by the captivating voice of Danielle Harris, "PROJECT DOROTHY" unfolds the gripping tale of two fugitive criminals on the run from the law. Their escape leads them to an abandoned facility, under the ominous control of an evil AI system named Dorothy. With the primary objective being to prevent the escape of this malevolent AI, the film adds an intense twist by placing the lives of two small-time crooks in jeopardy. Will they manage to survive the encounter with Dorothy?

For an exclusive sneak peek into the suspenseful world of "PROJECT DOROTHY," check out the detailed information and gripping trailer. Brace yourselves for the on-demand release scheduled for January 16th, as this film promises to deliver an electrifying blend of artificial intelligence, suspense, and survival.


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