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The Walking Dead Chandler Riggs first glimpse in horror fan film "The Spider"

New Horror Twist on Spider-Man Unveiled!

Last year, whispers emerged about an electrifying fan film starring none other than THE WALKING DEAD's Chandler Riggs. For aficionados of horror and comic genres, fan films have long been a cherished avenue of expression, thriving especially since the inception of YouTube. Among the creators making waves, Andy Chen stands out, known for his knack in crafting compelling short films. Recently, via his Instagram account, Chen dropped a bombshell: Chandler Riggs is set to headline his latest project, ominously titled THE SPIDER.

This upcoming horror short promises a fresh perspective on the iconic narrative of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. With a teaser released just last week, featuring Riggs himself, anticipation is skyrocketing as viewers brace for a spine-chilling experience.

🕸️ The Spider 🕸️ offers a tantalizing glimpse into an alternate universe where the web-slinger's fate takes a darker turn. Directed and written by the visionary Andy Chen, the project is brought to life through the creative efforts of producers Artin John and Kealani Kitaura.

Joining Chandler Riggs in this thrilling escapade are a talented ensemble cast including Caylee Cowan, Matthew Vorce, Kyra Gardner, Holgie Forrester, Carl Addicott, David Rice, Andrew Hernon, Kealani Kitaura, Ronan Arthur, and Ben Thomas.

Drawing inspiration from the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man comics by Marvel, this non-profit fan film embarks on an exhilarating journey, unaffiliated and not endorsed by Marvel, Sony, or Disney. Stay tuned as The Spider crawls its way to your screens soon!

🕷️THE SPIDER, 2024🕷️

Directed & Written by: Andy Chen

Produced by: Artin John & Kealani Kitaura


Chandler Riggs as [Character Name]

Caylee Cowan

Matthew Vorce

Kyra Gardner

Holgie Forrester

Carl Addicott

David Rice

Andrew Hernon

Kealani Kitaura

Ronan Arthur

Ben Thomas

🚨 Disclaimer: This is a non-profit fan film, unaffiliated and not endorsed by Marvel, Sony, or Disney. Coming Soon! 🚨

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