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Tilman Singer's New Thriller "CUCKOO" Unveils Intriguing Teaser

CUCKOO courtesy of NEON

As the curtain rises on spring and summer film releases, Tilman Singer, the creative force behind LUZ, returns with the much-anticipated "CUCKOO." Shot in captivating 35mm, this suspenseful thriller introduces Gretchen, a 17-year-old immersing herself in family secrets against the backdrop of the German Alps.

Leaving America behind, Gretchen joins her father's new family at a resort, anticipating a tranquil escape. However, the idyllic setting takes an eerie turn when they encounter Mr. König, Gretchen's father's boss, who exhibits an inexplicable fascination with her mute half-sister, Alma.

Strange noises and haunting visions envelop Gretchen, unraveling a chilling atmosphere in this supposed vacation paradise. As secrets come to light, Gretchen discovers a shocking truth that intertwines with her own family.

Scheduled for release on May 3rd by NEON, "CUCKOO" promises a cinematic journey filled with engaging plot twists and mysteries. Stay tuned for our exclusive coverage at SXSW, where we'll delve deeper into this captivating tale. 🎬 #CuckooFilm #TilmanSinger #NEON #SXSW #Thriller #FilmTeaser


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