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Vertical set to release espionage thriller "Chief of Station" next month

On May 3rd, Vertical will debut "Chief of Station," a gripping spy thriller written by George Mahaffey (Heatseekers) and directed by Jesse V. Johnson (One Ranger, White Elephant). The film tracks a retired CIA agent, mourning his wife's tragic death. Suspecting foul play, he dives back into the shadows for answers. Starring Aaron Eckhart, Alex Pettyfer, and Olga Kurylenko, catch it in theaters and on demand.

Vertical has acquired U.S. rights to the action-packed espionage thriller “Chief of Station” starring Aaron Eckhart, Olga Kurylenko and Alex Pettyfer. The film is slated for release in theaters and on demand May 3, 2024, it was announced today. 

A former CIA European Station Chief, Ben’s world comes crumbling down after his wife, a former operative, dies in a terrible accident.  But after receiving cryptic information that his wife’s death might not have been an accident, Ben heads back into the shadowy underworld of Eastern Europe, teaming up with a former adversary to unravel a conspiracy that challenges everything he thought he knew about his wife and the Agency he worked at for more than 20 years. 

In addition to Eckart, Kurylenko and Pettyfer, Chief of Station boasts a robust cast including Nick Moran, Chris Petrovski, Daniel Bernhardt, James Faulkner, Laetitia Eido, Isobel Wood and Nina Bergman.

The film was written by George Mahaffey (Heatseekers) and directed by Jesse V. Johnson (One Ranger, White Elephant). It was produced by Steve Lee Jones for Bee Holder Productions and Matthew Shreder for Concourse Media.

Vertical’s SVP of Acquisitions Tony Piantedosi remarked, “After our recent success working with Aaron on our release of The Bricklayer, we’re looking forward to bringing another must-see film to action fans looking for their next adrenaline hit. And Chief of Station certainly delivers it.”

The film has secured global distribution via Concourse Media and was financed by Ashland Hill Media Finance, Filmology Finance, Blue Rider Media, and Tip-Top Productions. Executive producers Other producers include Simon Williams, Daniel Kresmery and Jonathan Halperyn. Executive producers include Jack Christian, D.J. McPherson, Rob McGillivray, Ben Stranahan, Julien P. Bourgon, Matthew E. Chausse, Juliana Lubin, Walter Josten, Patrick Josten, and Joseph Lanius. Co-producers include Tyler Condon, Kevin Human and Evangelo Kioussis.

The film was shot in Budapest Hungary with local production services company Hero Squared.

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