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Watch The Official Trailer for Rose Glass's LOVE LIES BLEEDING

A24, the powerhouse in cinematic storytelling, is gearing up to flex some serious muscle with its 2024 releases. Following the intense impact of the wrestling film "IRONCLAW" on the silver screens, the studio is now delving into the world of bodybuilding with the upcoming Rose Glass feature, "LOVE LIES BLEEDING."

Starring Kristen Stewart and Ed Helms, "LOVE LIES BLEEDING" unravels the gripping tale of a gym owner and her bodybuilding lover, entangled in a web of murder, corruption, and passion. The explosive trailer, unveiled just yesterday, offers a tantalizing glimpse into the heart-pounding drama that awaits audiences.

As A24 continues to sculpt its cinematic narrative, this latest addition promises to be a compelling exploration of the human condition amidst the backdrop of the physically demanding world of bodybuilding. Stay tuned for more updates as A24 unfolds the layers of "LOVE LIES BLEEDING," inviting audiences into a realm where muscles, mayhem, and mystery collide.


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