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"What's there" New clip from "Blackwater Lane" dropping in theaters and digital/on demand on June 21st, 2024

Lionsgate has released an exciting new scene clip from their upcoming horror/thriller "BLACKWATER LANE," titled "What's There." Directed by Jeff Celentano and written by Elizabeth Fowler, the film is based on the New York Times bestselling book by B.A. Paris. The clip features Minka Kelly, one of the film's stars, in a suspenseful moment that sets the tone for the chilling narrative.

"What's There"

"BLACKWATER LANE" stars Minka Kelly, Maggie Grace, Dermot Mulroney, Alan Calton, and Natalie Simpson. The story follows Cass, played by Kelly, who, after witnessing a grisly tragedy, is haunted by a ghostly presence and begins to question her sanity. As these supernatural experiences escalate, Cass is pushed to the edge, uncovering a terrifying plot against her.

The film will be available in theaters and on digital/on-demand platforms on June 21, 2024. With a compelling cast and a gripping storyline, "BLACKWATER LANE" promises to be a must-watch for horror and thriller enthusiasts.

Check out the new clip "What's There" and prepare for a spine-tingling experience when "BLACKWATER LANE" drops this June.

Director:Jeff Celentano

Writer: Elizabeth Fowler

Cast: Minka Kelly, Maggie Grace, Dermot Mulroney, Alan Calton, Natalie Simpson

For more updates and to watch the clip, visit Lionsgate's official channels.

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