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Atmospheric Film Noir Masterpiece, The Amazing Mr. X (1948)Coming to Special-Edition Blu-ray & DVD

Cinedigm, the leading independent streaming company super-serving enthusiast fan bases, announced today that The Film Detective (TFD), the classic media streaming network and film archive that restores and distributes classic films, is releasing a special- edition version of the mystifying, film noir classic, The Amazing Mr. X (1948), on Blu-ray and DVD, Oct. 5.

The Amazing Mr. X stars Turhan Bey as Alexis, a mystery man who claims to communicate with spirits. Appearing on the beach one night, Alexis easily charms a depressed widow (Lynn Bari) and her sister (Cathy O'Donnell). The sly Alexis makes a living by separating gullible people from their money, but before this tale is over, he will learn that the living are far more dangerous than the dead.

Featuring exceptional cinematography by John Alton, director Bernard Vorhaus delivers a film that oozes weird passion and sinister suspense. The film’s striking 4K restoration from original 35mm film elements and Bey’s performance as the debonair, yet lurking mystic, contributes to one of the most unforgettable film noir restorations to be released in recent years.

Featured alongside The Amazing Mr. X (1948) release will be an exclusive opportunity to own the film with The Amazing Mr. X NFT Auction, live on Rad. The winner of the auction will receive an exclusive physical framed lithograph of the movie poster, two Blu-ray copies of The Amazing Mr. X and NFT tokenized access to view the movie on Rad. The auction is currently available and will close on Oct. 4. For more information, visit:

SPECIAL FEATURES: Audio commentary from professor and film scholar Jason A. Ney ● a full-color booklet with essay, “The Amazing Mr. Bey,” by Don Stradley ● Mysteries Exposed: Inside the Cinematic World of Spiritualism, an original documentary from Ballyhoo Motion Pictures.

The Amazing Mr. X will be available Oct. 5 on Blu-ray ($24.95) and DVD ($19.95) and can be

pre-ordered now via Amazon and MVD. For more information or to pre-order, visit:

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