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Aussie horror thriller BIRDEATER gets a SXSW Teaser

In recent news from SXSW, we've received details about the upcoming horror film "BIRDEATER" by Australian filmmakers Jack Clark and Jim Weir. The film, which initially premiered at the Sydney Film Festival and earned the Audience Award for Australian Narrative Feature, is now set for its International Premiere at SXSW.

Directed by Jack Clark and Jim Weir, "BIRDEATER" is poised to be a visually striking and audacious debut from this Australian duo. The story unfolds as a bride-to-be joins her fiancé's bachelor party on a remote property in the Australian outback. However, what begins as a seemingly ordinary celebration takes a darker turn, evolving into a chaotic situation that reveals uncomfortable details about their relationship. As the festivities spiral out of control, the once joyous occasion transforms into an intense and suspenseful narrative.

The premiere screening of "BIRDEATER" is scheduled for Saturday, March 9, at 9:45 pm at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar, offering a unique cinematic experience.

For those interested in learning more about the film and the SXSW schedule, you can visit the official SXSW Festival Page:

Featuring a cast including Shabana Azeez, Mackenzie Fearnley, Ben Hunter, Jack Bannister, Clementine Anderson, Alfie Gledhill, Harley Wilson, and Caroline McQuade, the film is produced by Stephanie Troost and Ulysses Oliver, with executive producers Ben Ferris, Chris Thompson, Jack Stephens, Jack Clark, and Jim Weir.

Stay tuned for updates and insights into "BIRDEATER" by following #BIRDEATER, #SXSW2024, and #HorrorFilm. The International Premiere promises to be an intriguing cinematic experience for horror enthusiasts and film aficionados.

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