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Get ready for a gripping tale of ambition, consequences, and unexpected alliances as Antonis Tsonis unveils his latest creation, BRANCO WITH A GLASS EYE. Set to make its world premiere at the prestigious Slamdance festival, the dark and deceiving drama follows a young aspiring actor who, desperate to secure a spot in a prestigious method acting school, commits a crime that leaves his victim badly injured. Instead of spiraling into the shadows, he takes an unconventional path, befriending the very person he wronged. As the film explores the thin line between redemption and obsession, it promises audiences an intense cinematic experience that challenges perceptions and lingers in the mind. With two screenings lined up, BRANCO WITH A GLASS EYE is poised to captivate and leave an indelible mark on the film festival circuit.

Set in Athens, Greece. Luca (Yiannis Niarros), a talented actor, lives with his brother, Alekos (Kostas Nikoulis), in challenging socio-economic circumstances. Luca’s life takes a dramatic turn when he receives the opportunity of a lifetime—an invitation to study method acting at a prestigious school in New York. To seize this chance and escape their difficult situation, the

brothers commit armed robbery to secure the necessary funds. In a heist gone wrong, he accidentally critically injures innocent bystander Ilias (Alexandros Chrysanthopoulos).

Luca visits Ilias in the hospital’s trauma ward in attempts to silence him as a witness but instead befriends him without confessing that he was the amateur that shot him. Ilias, a despairing bourgeoisie finds solace in Luca’s enigmatic presence and Luca delves into the world of method acting as he prepares for his audition. Together, they navigate the blurred lines of friendship and deception, transcending societal boundaries. Two unlikely friends find solace and purpose in each other’s company, all against the backdrop of their life-altering choices. Luca introduces Ilias to the world of acting, taking them to the brink.

As the New York audition draws near, Luca grapples with the weight of his actions. His pursuit of method acting in New York serves as a driving force, urging him to confront his choices and the complex emotions he never thought he’d face.

BRANDO WITH A GLASS EYE is written and directed by Antonis Tsonis. Produced by Tia Spanos Tsonis and Blake Northfield. Executive produced by Wayne Blair, Maria Drandaki, Panagiotis Fafoutis, and Peter Kallos. Edited by Peter Carrodus. Cinematography by Joerg Gruber.

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