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Character posters for "Immaculate"

NEON's "Immaculate" Brings Chilling Thrills to Theaters Nationwide

Today marks the nationwide release of "Immaculate," the latest religious supernatural thriller from NEON and director Michael Mohan. With stellar reviews already pouring in, the film promises a spine-chilling experience for audiences everywhere.

Starring Sydney Sweeney as Cecilia, a young American nun, "Immaculate" unfolds as she takes up residence in a serene Italian covenant. However, the tranquility of her new surroundings quickly gives way to terror as Cecilia discovers sinister secrets lurking within the convent's walls.

The release of "Immaculate" adds to the plethora of horror offerings dominating cinemas this weekend, ranging from big-budget spectacles to indie frights. With its gripping storyline and thrilling conclusion, "Immaculate" is poised to be a standout choice for horror enthusiasts looking for a spine-tingling experience.

Don't miss Sydney Sweeney's captivating performance as Cecilia in "Immaculate," now playing in theaters nationwide.

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