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Chattanooga Film Fest 23’ - “CFF Salutes Your Shorts” block recap

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

HMU is live at this years CHATTANOOGA FILM FESTIVAL! Kicking things off is the block of shorts curator by the CFF team for our approval or disapproval. Surprisingly you are reminded that ChattFF is more than just a ”horror” genre fest. The wide spectrum of the shorts caters to the overall mindset of beauty in film, and the shorts did not disappoint. Big kudos to the hometown addition showing a promising ball play living their dream.

Though there are always standouts. For the gore hound in myself it falls along the more demented short features. SOLITUDE, AFTER HOURS, CROSSING TIDES, RETRIBUTION, THE BUSINESSMAN are among the standout titles in the block.

THE BUSINESSMAN got the nod from us as a the one that shined the most but each and every short brought something striking and remarkable to their time slot. It has been a while since HMU has covered a shorts portion of a film fest so it was amazing to return to the real roots of the genre. The film industry survives due to all the young aspiring talent that may just have a limited budget enough for 10-20 mins. Though they are no less important than the full length features they accompany at times.

Many film festivals still separate the short films from the features and thats neither here or there. It can be hard to power through 5-10 films and try to retain anything shown. But it can work and it’s working at CHATTANOOGA FILM FEST 2023. Look for some film reviews on the horizon next.

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