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Chaz Bono in Tubings Original "Bury The Bride" Debuting Across North America on Friday 4/22/23

In "Bury The Bride," a bachelorette party turns into a living nightmare when June's fiancé and his savage friends show up uninvited. Starring Chaz Bono, known for his roles in "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "American Horror Story," this Tubi Original promises to be a heart-stopping horror experience. Director Spider One delivers a chilling story of survival and vengeance as June, her sister, and friends fight for their lives against unholy forces. Don't miss "Bury The Bride," debuting across North America on April 22nd, 2023, with screenings at Panic Fest and Salem Horror Film Fest. Catch a glimpse of the terror that awaits in the "Bury The Bride" teaser now.

Bride-to-be June's bachelorette getaway turns deadly when her blood-thirsty fiancé and his backwoods friends show up to crash the party. What follows becomes a living nightmare of unholy proportions as June, her sister Sadie and their closest friends fight for their lives, and avenge the ones who don’t make it through the night.

Directed by Spider One

Written by Krsy Fox and Spider One

Starring Krsy Fox, Scout Taylor-Compton, Dylan Rourke, Lyndsi LaRose, Chaz Bono, Katie Ryan, Rachel Brunner, Cameron Cowperthwaite and Adam Marcinowski.


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