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Check Out FLEISCHKRIEG's New Video For The Single, "Reach." FFO RAMMSTEIN & DEPECHE MODE

Industrial band FLEISCHKRIEG has unleashed their new video for the single, "Reach." The song features fellow goth/industrial artist NUDA and will appear on the forthcoming album, Herzblut due out October, 2021.

"Our understanding of the larger ecology of mind and matter are inadequate to fully address what’s really happening in our reality. As more people wake up, the more I think people will be harassed. I feel like that’s what I experience. I think we humans have a lot to learn about what’s really going on in the greater scheme of things."


The album, Herzblut as a whole is about how we’re always fighting a war of some kind for both our physical, mental & emotional survival.

There are a lot more layers to this struggle than most realize. Every day is a “fleshkrieg” (flesh war) if you think about it. Something or someone is always trying to steal our natural resources of mind, body, and spirit. I hope the album inspires people to know they’re not alone in this battle, and that the search for the truth should be ever-present in their lives.

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