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CLIP from ‘ALL GONE WRONG' featuring Tony Todd - Out this Friday!

Buffalo 8 has obtained the U.S. rights to Propulsion Films and Lone Morsel Productions’ ALL GONE WONG, an action thriller from first time feature writer/director Josh Guffey. The film, starring Tony Todd (Candyman) and Jake Kaufman, will be released on January 27 to Apple TV+, iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play and Cable On Demand.

After a rookie undercover cop is gunned down in a drug bust gone wrong, the veteran agent in-charge, Chris Halvorsen (Kaufman), is put on leave. Away from his desk, Halvorsen begins an unauthorized investigation into the failed deal, leading him to a pervasive drug network operating under the surface in a rural town. Now it’s him against an ugly cast of characters and the town heavy, Lamont Hughes (Todd), on a potentially fatal mission to make everything right.

All Gone Wrong | Exclusive Clip | "Don't Reach for the Bag"

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