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Cult Classic "Barbie Nation" arrives Uncut this summer

Pink is running out in home depots across the film landscape thanks to Barbie. Many are unaware of a gem of a film that followed the classic mansion where Barbie and Ken lived their dreams. BARBIE NATION debuted 25 years ago and in a few weeks audiences will get the chance to see a directors cut of the cult toy classic online.

Before there was Greta Gerwig's Barbie, there was BARBIE NATION, an iconic cult classic set to make its highly-anticipated online debut on Tuesday, June 27 in an enhanced Director's Cut version.

Barbie Nation fearlessly delves into the depths of Barbie's dreamhouse, intimately exploring the peculiar ways in which people have embraced Barbie throughout history – and the doll’s own saucy rise from a German sex toy to the savior of Mattel.

For the very first time, this captivating hidden gem will be readily accessible, offering an all-new scene featuring the cherished 'Black Barbie'. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Barbie Nation, bear witness to the extraordinary evolution of a cultural phenomenon, and discover the secrets behind the enduring allure of Barbie.

BARBIE NATION: An Unauthorized Tour is directed and produced by Susan Stern. Associate Produced by Trish Harrington. Edited by Elizabeth Finlayson. Cinematography by Fawn Yacker, David Collier and John Rogers. Original score by Ed Bogas. Featuring Ruth Handler, Barbara (Handler) Segal, Elliot Handler, RuPaul, Sandi Holder, Franklin Lim Liao, Kerry Muller, Allen Moreli, Nora Rodriguez and Claire Stevenson Turner. A Bernal Beach Films production.


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