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Dark Ambient Act WITHERING OF LIGHT Unveils Their New Full-Length Album, "Reliquary"

US dark ambient act WITHERING OF LIGHT has unveiled their new full-length album, Reliquary.

Reliquary is available now on digital and CD formats. Vinyl LP format tentatively due in February.

"The concept behind this album became how each of the words that are the titles took me out of the mundane everyday and put my mind in somewhat of a different state.

For instance, "Reliquary" is a vessel that contains a sacred or holy relic of some kind. We as humans fetishize objects, moments, memories. Even your mind can become a reliquary harboring the sacred, profane and otherwise. Each of these words I found carried some kind of weight, a spectral resonance(hence that title) and the sounds here are the aural embodiment of these." -Todd Janeczek

Formed in 2012 by Todd Janeczek, WITHERING OF LIGHT is the vehicle used to reach out towards the unseen, to enter dreamscapes of long forgotten places in the recesses of the mind and spirit. Meditative soundscapes to journey through the chasms and spires of one's psyche.

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