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Darkwave Band, Neon Funeral Addresses Addictions & DemonsWith New Video

Hardcore darkwave band, Neon Funeral recently unveiled their latest single & video, "A Void".

The song deals with escaping a life of drugs and societal pressures; avoiding it but not wanting to talk about it. It's about someone being tortured by their addictions and demons. The instrumentals emit an overall sound that is darker and a range that is more dynamic than on previous releases. They just flow in the direction of the layered guitars that take over during the fadeout.

The video concept was one that finds the band's front man, Randy waking up while experiencing hallucinations of a dark cult-like figure. He joins a strange cult doing strange rituals while initiating other members unwillingly. The video opens questions of societal pressures and about not being able to escape one's mind and the darker paths of life.

The fire pit represents passion and a rebirth of his life. At the end you see all the people wearing masks in a row essentially giving into the cult like Randy gives into his fear. But they gain strength through the darkness at the end. particularly in the last scene when Randy grabs the light bulb to essentially say that he darkens his own light.

So the themes of the song and video are fear, spirituality, rebirth, strength and passion.


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