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Delightfully "Frightful Facades" are the perfect wall decor for any horror film fan

Exciting New Horror Decor: Frightful Facades

Imagine hanging a replica of the Myers house, Amityville, or the cabin from Evil Dead on your wall instead of the latest family portrait. This is exactly what our new friends over at "Frightful Facades" are offering. Founded by Lanny Helton in 2019 under the name Horror House Wall Dioramas, they rebranded in 2023 to bring an even more thrilling experience to horror enthusiasts.

Frightful Facades specializes in the production of theatrically-inspired replicas of famous horror movie houses. These unique creations hang like pictures, light up, and even glow in the dark, adding a spooky charm to any room. Each wall façade is individually handcrafted and meticulously detailed, featuring over 10 different facades, including the iconic homes of Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Beetlejuice, The Munsters, and The Addams Family.

On their Etsy page, you can find everything from Beetlejuice's home to Eddie Munson's upside-down trailer from Stranger Things. These designs are not only fun but are also selling fast, making them a must-have for any horror fan. Featured in several podcasts and sold in multiple countries including Spain, Australia, Canada, and the UK, Frightful Facades is quickly becoming a favorite among horror aficionados.

Head over to their page and check out the options. We have a feeling you will see more from Frightful Facades soon!

Check Out Frightful Facades on Etsy:

[Frightful Facades on Etsy](

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and offerings from the world of horror décor!

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