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Desert exploitation of the highest caliber 'NIGHT OF THE BASTARDS' - movie review

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

One of the films carving through your screens in 2023 is the grind house infused thriller NIGHT OF BASTARDS. From filmmaker Erik Boccio comes this brash and unforgiving story of a loner and a teen survivor teaming up to battle against an evil cult. It's a "night" you will never forget with a film that's title is more leading than expected.

NIGHT OF THE BASTARD follows Reed a loner in the middle of the desert who seems to be content with his lifestyle. He runs across a group of kids looking for a place to camp. After scaring them away one eventually returns asking for his help against a blood thirsty cult leader. Insert boobs here. This film really tackles you from the start. It provides a throwback look and feel that never really goes away as the movie progresses to current times. For a majority of the film it's being held together by the leads London May and Mya Hudson. They do a pretty decent job with their back and forth and nothing seems rushed or out of place in their dialogue. The real action is the failure to launch attempts at scaring the audiences with continuous run ons. At times I felt like I was watching a WWE event. Still that being said NIGHT OF THE BASTARDS was over the top but entertaining.

Classic late night popcorn flick is how I would describe NIGHT OF THE BASTARDS. It's fun filled blood fest that fans will enjoy. There is also a dastardly little twist that added a layer to NIGHT OF THE BASTARDS that I didn't see coming. We can see why it was such a festival hit. I don't think the response will be the same once it hits the home market but hopefully it does for all parties included!


Directed by: Erik Boccio

Cast: London May, Mya Hudson, Hannah Pierce, Henry Mortensen

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