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"Don't forget to leave a rating for your driver" 'Endangered' - movie review

Available now on demand is the edge of your seat flick from Drew Walkup ENDANGERED.

This gritty thriller will have audiences locked in to a story with some misdirection they won't see coming. What starts as lonely desolate night for one particular driver soon becomes a super charged with fuel night of drug dealers, deception and murder.

The craziest thing about ENDANGERED resides on the films ability to go from solid indie horror to substantial mind f**k trying to analyze what's going on. The film stars Lizzie Zerebko as a ride share driver who picks up one last customer for the night and then embarks on a tremulous journey. The passenger seems to be hiding something and it's up to her to figure it out or maybe not survive the night. Don't get me wrong there are plenty of parts in ENDANGERED that seemed like place mats to keep the story going but overall there was more to enjoy than hate here.

The two leads carry the film well and it gave a COLLATERAL feel with they constant back and forth. The challenge is to make it through the first few minutes if the film as it evolves so much more on the later half. It's a sneaky thriller that has the chance to surprise many audience members .

2.5 /5

ENDANGERED is directed By: Drew Walkup

Starring: Lizzie Zerebko and Michael Olavson

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