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In the wake of a divorce and reeling from the reality of the pandemic, very Austin famous queer fitness guru Erica Nix contemplates the changing tides of Austin's value system and the plight of bohemian artists like herself being priced out of the city. She embarks on an erotic and hallucinatory fever dream, seeking advice from the likes of her inner child, God, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mother Nature, and Satan.

ERICA'S FIRST HOLY SHIT is a tribute to old Austin, an homage to keeping things weird in a changing landscape that is no longer artist-friendly, and a salute to trying desperately to do the right thing but never getting it quite right. In a bizarre instance of life imitating art, the film depicts Erica running for mayor of Austin, which in turn has resulted in Erica actually running for mayor of Austin.

Tackling some of Erica’s most vulnerable insecurities, ERICA'S FIRST HOLY SHIT is a deep-dive satire on the mass culture of seekers and the insatiable need for personal fulfillment. Join Erica as she explores religion, psychedelic rituals, therapeutic healing, and politics. Will Erica's inner truth set her free or set the world on fire?

ERICA'S FIRST HOLY SHIT is the debut feature film from the producing team THIS IS NOT A CULT, which includes writers and producers Erica Nix, Jessica Gardner, Jeremy von Stilb, and Sawyer Stoltz.

Starring Erica Nix and many of Austin’s most acclaimed underground performers, artists, and musicians, including Christeene (Paul Soileau), p1nkstar (Girls Like Us), Caleb De Casper, Andie Flores (George Lopez’s Lopez Vs. Lopez), Nikki DaVaughn, Lynn Metcalf, and many more.

Starring and based on the life of Erica Nix, Austin’s beloved queer artist and fitness guru (and currently a surprising and unlikely Austin mayoral candidate), ERICA’S FIRST HOLY SHIT is a tribute to the disappearing bohemian demimonde of Austin itself; a psychedelic freak-out fantasia of adventure and discovery inspired by Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain, Pee Wee Herman, and Linklater’s Waking Life.


2022 PRISM

PRISM 35: aGLIFF’s 35th Annual LGBTQ+ Film Festival

Aug 24 - 28, 2022 / Austin, TX

Screening In-Person:

Friday, 8/26, 9:15pm, Galaxy Theatre, Screen 9

Stream Online:

8/29 - 9/5

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