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ETHERIA: Season 1 - trailer + release date announced

ETHERIA: Season 1

The Horror Collective's ETHERIA, a women-directed series of horror and sci-fi, is coming to Amazon on August 20th

Emerging genre distributor, The Horror Collective, will release Season 1 of ETHERIA, as announced earlier today on Entertainment Weekly (

Etheria is a series of stand-alone episodes directed by women. Produced by Heidi Honeycutt, Vice President of Short Form and Episodic Content at Entertainment Squad, The Horror Collective’s parent company, and Stacy Pippi Hammon. Honeycutt and Hammon co-founded the Etheria Film Festival in 2014. The series is Executive Produced by Entertainment Squad’s CEO, Shaked Berenson (TURBO KID, TALES OF HALLOWEEN).

From post-apocalyptic westerns to demented comedies to terrifying horror and gore, ETHERIA serves up the perfect blend of mind-bending and panic-inducing excitement from the best emerging women genre directors in the world. Each episode showcases a vision of the fantastic in this new anthology series created to introduce amazing directors to devoted genre fans.  

Etheria Season 1 features Shannon Woodward (Westworld), Grace Huang (The Man with the Iron Fists), Paula Jai Parker (Hustle & Flow) and Tina Majorino (Napoleon Dynamite).

Season 1 will premiere on August 20th exclusively on Amazon Prime for 30 days before going on transaction VOD.  

Featuring apocalyptic westerns, creepy Japanese ghost children, serial killer road trips, unnerving parallel universes, angry angelic avengers, interplanetary kidnapping, last desperate shots at crazed glory, and the worst job interview you’ve ever had, Etheria Season 1 offers shockingly innovative short genre anthology content for real genre fans.

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