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Exclusive interview with THE NEST creators James Suttles and Jennifer Trudring

One of the films in the May Madness festival this year at GRIMMFEST is the intriguing monster flick THE NEST. The film is set to make it's premiere later this week and Travis got a chance to speak with the writer Jennifer Trudring and director James Suttles. The film follows a family dealing with daughter who starts to isolate herself from others after she acquires a ghastly looking teddy bear. The bear is hiding something sinister and deadly and in the interview ahead we dig into all the horrifying details. Take a look ahead to hear about the inception of the film , the monster and working with the iconic Dee Wallace!


Look for our review this week on THE NEST !

THE NEST is a slow-burning, understated, backwoods spin on INVASION OF THE BODYSNATCHERS, with a squirm-inducing new twist, which works both as an icky eco-horror for entomophobes, and as a metaphoric exploration of addiction and its legacy, the various social pressures on working mothers, and the way in which childhood neediness can turn sour and malevolent. Deftly directed by James Suttles, the film stars Dee Wallace, Sarah Navratil and Kevin Patrick Murphy, and marks the feature film screenwriting debut of Jennifer Trudring, who previously penned the shorts THE EBBING and HERE THERE BE TYGERS, both of which were big hits with Grimmfest's audience

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