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Fantastic Fest 23' "I'll Crush Y'All" - movie review

In America, syndication brought us classic action films that we still remember fondly. While movies from Asia, Canada, and elsewhere continue to push the envelope, it's been a while since we've seen something noteworthy from Spain. So I was thrilled when the crew behind I'LL CRUSH Y'ALL contacted me. This ode to classic one-man army films like WALKING TALL and AVENGING FORCE is filled with great fighting, over-the-top kills, and hilarious moments.

The film follows retired boxer Gabriel (Mario Mayo) as he wraps up his last days on probation. Mario showcases impressive physical fitness that would make Sylvester Stallone jealous. Life should be smooth sailing, but old demons rear their ugly heads, especially Gabriel's psychotic ex-girlfriend (Rut Santamaría) who steals the show when she arrives. As things deteriorate, we see Gabriel unleash his inner badass. The enigmatic villain Rafa, brilliantly played by Fernando Gil, creates a dynamic reminiscent of Rumble in the Bronx that will have you cheering from the first punch.

With its charming lead performance by Mario, I'LL CRUSH Y'ALL has all the makings of a great late-night action flick. Much of the film rests on Mario's shoulders and his dedication is evident. Director Kike Narcea seems to know his way around action cinema. A few slower parts that build character may drag slightly for some. I keep referring back to Cannon Films because slowing down the action was prevalent in their features. I'LL CRUSH Y'ALL taps into fond childhood memories of discovering global action films through syndication. I hope this film does the same for a new generation.


I'LL CRUSH Y'ALL (Os Reviento) is directed by Kike Narcea and stars Mario Mayo, Fernando Gil, Diego Paris, Fabia Castro, Raúl Jiménez, and Rut Santamaría.

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