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Fantastic Fest special clip for SALOUM

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Fresh off a buzzy world premiere at TIFF this week, U.S. Fantastic Fest Premiere

SALOUM is a cool and kinetic genre-shifting supernatural thriller in which a legendary trio of on-the-run mercenaries carrying a stolen gold bounty and a kidnapped drug lord take refuge in a remote and mystical area of Senegal, where creepy curses and sinister ancestral forces unleash hell on them all.

Uniquely inspired by African-Carribean folklore and mysticism as well as western and action/horror hybrids such as From Dusk Till Dawn and Predator, SALOUM was written & directed by acclaimed African filmmaker Jean Luc Herbulot (Netflix’s Dealer, Canal + Afrique’s Sakho & Mangane) and is the producing debut of Senegal-based filmmaker / entrepreneur Pamela Diop.

Festival Clip:

SALOUM also marks the feature film debut for their new pan African production company LACME STUDIOS, founded in 2019 by the film’s creative team of Jean Luc Herbulot and Pamela Diop.

Amidst Guinea-Bissau’s coup d’état of 2003, Bangui’s Hyenas, an elite trio of mercenaries, skillfully extract a drug dealer and his bricks — both gold and narcotic — from the chaos and make tracks for Dakar, Senegal. But when their escape plan is unexpectedly waylaid, the Hyenas find themselves and their bounty stranded in the Sine-Saloum Delta, a coastal river realm steeped in myth and mystery, where dark ancestral forces unleash hell on them all.

Writer-director Jean Luc Herbulot ignites the fuse of his inspired genre-shifting thriller, burning through exquisite episodes of suspense before exploding into full-blown action-horror. As with Herbulot’s Netflix series Sakho & Mangane, which stylishly wove a supernatural thread through a gripping police procedural’s own twisting trajectory compellingly invokes African-Caribbean folklore and mysticism as it refashions cues from western genre hybrids like From Dusk Till Dawn and Predator into its unique cultural context. The results are infectiously cool and an exhilarating introduction to a fascinating mythos full of creepy curses, sinister spirits, and an instantly iconic ensemble of horror heroes.

Writer/Director: Jean Luc Herbulot (Netflix’s Dealer, Canal + Afrique’s Sakho & Mangane)

Cast: Yann Gael (Duel au Soleil, They Had a Dream, Paolo Sorrentino's Loro, upcoming Netflix series 1889), Roger Sallah (Sakho & Mangane, Renaissance, upcoming Absa), Mentor Ba, Evelyne Ily Juhen

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