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#FantasticFest2022 'UNICORN WARS' - movie review

There is no way you can escape Fantastic Fest without a little animation to go. While there are cleary some over the top titles at this years event nothing sticks out like UNICORN WARS. From filmmaker Alberto Vazquez comes this FULL METAL JACKET styled picture about an ongoing war between Teddy Bears and Unicorns. Yes re read all of that last sentence. Dark and twisted, UNICORN WARS takes a little kids imagination to the next level and asks for blood!

First off don't show this to kids. The Spanish feature will blow you away from the start but unfortunately tapers off shortly after. While there were so many spots that gave you Kubrick vibes this DEER HUNTER of Teddy bears feature is an enigma. Where this idea came from only Vasquez knows. Honestly, a solid feature with a really good story we were just hoping the pace picked up a bit. Still when you see what's going on with these Teddy Bears you will shake your head in laughter. "What am I watching" may pop into your head a few times but really it's easy to see. UNICORN WARS gives a cataclysmic view on the military , racism and family rivalries, Yes all of that chopped up in an animated feature. If that doesn't peak your interest believe me UNICORN WARS is not for you.

We had fun watching UNICORN WARS although this could have worked in some parts as a short film. Still to take such over the top dynamics that we have seen in war films for years and apply it to Unicorns and Bears is genius.


UNICORNS WARS is directed by Alberto Vazquez



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