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Festival hit "The Coffee Table" set to hit theaters April19th courtesy of Cinephobia

North American theaters are set to welcome Caye Casas' captivating film "The Coffee Table" this month, with Cinephobia leading the charge in major markets including LA, New York, Austin, and Chicago.

The narrative delves into the tumultuous journey of Jesus and Maria, a couple navigating rocky relationship waters while embracing parenthood. Their seemingly innocuous decision to purchase a new coffee table sparks a series of life-altering events.

"The Coffee Table" enjoyed a vibrant festival run, earning accolades such as Best Film at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival's 'Rebels with a Cause' section and the prestigious White Raven award at Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival. It also screened at Fantastic Fest, Fantaspoa, and Macabro.

Launching at Laemmle Glendale on April 19, the film promises an enthralling cinematic experience. David Pareja and Estefanía de los Santos deliver powerful performances as the central couple, supported by a talented ensemble cast.

Following its theatrical debut, "The Coffee Table" will be available on DVD and VOD from May 14. This poignant tale, co-written by Casas and Cristina Borobia and produced by Norbert Llaràs, marks a compelling addition to the cinematic landscape.

THE COFFEE TABLE will begin a limited theatrical run beginning in Los Angeles at Laemmle Glendale on April 19, with additional markets to follow including New YorkAustin, and Chicago. The film will arrive on DVD and VOD on May 14

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