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Echoverse, a podcast studio focusing on science fiction, supernatural, and fantasy audio experiences, announced today the casting of Jack Quaid (The Boys) in the lead role of their next production, Grim Death & Bill The Electrocuted Criminal. Acclaimed artist and screenwriter Mike Mignola (Hellboy) and New York Times Bestselling author Thomas Sniegoski adapted their novel into an audio drama. The pair will executive produce with Quaid and Peter J Donaldson. The series will be produced by Wolf At The Door (Batman Unburied, #Matter). The project joins the young studio’s recent production of “The Lesser Dead” starring Minnie Driver and Jack Kilmer.

Quaid will star as Bentley Hawthorne (aka Grim Death), who works in the service of Death, avenging the wrongful deaths of those in need of justice. Helping him are an acerbic raven named RODERICK, his wry and long-suffering butler PYM, headstrong and intelligent investigative journalist GWENDOLYN, and the subject of the first season’s investigation, BILL, a strong but gentle man who has been wrongfully convicted of the murder of his trapeze-artist girlfriend TIANNA.

”Mike and Tom have turned their quirky and imaginative novel into a superlative audio drama that we’re excited to put into production. I can’t think of a better actor to take on the role of Bentley than Jack Quaid.” said Mark Stern, President of Echoverse.

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