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HORROR TEASE: Trailer for "Why Mona Rae?"

Currently in post-production, the Lorenzo P. Adams (ROTARY) directorial feature debut, WHY MONA RAE? wants to bring you into the sinister home of Ellen and Cain. Take a look at the first teaser trailer for the upcoming 2021 horror creeper.

On an isolated road, a blind military veteran begins to suspect something sinister brewing after she is rescued from a car accident by a mysterious pair of siblings from an Amish community.

The film features Georgia Morgan (The Torment of Penelope), Jeremy Gladen (I See You, The Theatre Bizzare), Sara Davenport-Ebersole (Together, Monday Morning), and Vincent Kevin Daniels (Be Strong).


The story centers around Mona (Morgan), a blind military veteran who sets out on a road trip getaway with her fiancé (Daniels) to celebrate her recent discharge from a physical therapy facility, after being severely injured during combat. Their trip through the countryside leads the duo into the clutches of a pair of strange Amish siblings, Ellen (Davenport-Ebersole) and Cain (Gladen).

Lorenzo P. Adams, Director of the period piece horror short ROTARY which screened in genre festivals such as Telluride, Frightfest UK, and Bloody Disgusting’s FEARNYC, says “This film will be a love letter from me to the horror fans of today, yesterday, sprinkled with a little influence from the masters of horror that helped advance the genre we know today.”

The production team of indie horror filmmakers, such as Director of Photography, Eric Hales (Eyes of Roshi, ROTARY) and Producers, Andrew Ericksen, Ryan Lesica, Connor Etter, and Fortuna G. Selassie.

The film is currently in talks with distributors with anticipation set on a Spring 2021 release.

To stay up to date and find out more about WHY MONA RAE?, please visit, comment, share, and give them a bloody like on social media!

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