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"House of Ninjas” Ranked #1 on Netflix’s Weekly Global Top 10 (Non-English) in Second Week of Release

"Netflix's 'House of Ninjas' Climbs Global Charts: A Ninja Family Triumph!"

At HMU, we've been diving into Netflix's latest sensation, 'House of Ninjas.' While the initial episodes felt rushed, the show found its rhythm post-episode three. Despite the family focus overshadowing the ninja action, intriguing storylines hint at a promising future.

Streaming since February 15th, 'House of Ninjas' has skyrocketed to #1 in 16 countries and the Top 10 in 92 worldwide. The original story by co-executive producer and star Kento Kaku, and the creative touch of showrunner/director Dave Boyle, is making ninja-mania a global phenomenon.

Key cast members share their excitement:

Kento Kaku (Haru): "Global number one! It's a dream. Proud of our team for this all-original success."

Yosuke Eguchi (Soichi): "Overwhelmed by the family's universal struggle resonating worldwide. Watch it with your loved ones."

Tae Kimura (Yoko): "Grateful for the audience's love. Let's make ninjas visible everywhere!"

Kengo Kora (Gaku): "Challenging and rewarding. Thrilled to share our work with a worldwide audience."

Aju Makita (Nagi): "Celebrating Japanese culture's global reach through our show."

Tenta Banka (Riku): "The Tawara Family rocks! I'll work hard to be a ninja the world's proud of."

Nobuko Miyamoto (Grandma Taki): "Unexpected good news makes me want to be a ninja again!

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