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Hysteria Film Festival 24' returns with a focus on Scandinavian horror, "Ghost Game" and US premiere of the Japanese film “Echoes of the Shadows”

Hysteria Film Fest Returns to St. Louis with 2024 Edition

St. Louis's longstanding film festival, Hysteria Film Fest, is set to return with its 2024 edition. This year's festival will highlight classic Scandinavian horror, featuring a screening of "Let The Right One In." Attendees can also look forward to the premiere of Jill Gervargizian's new film "Ghost Game," with Jill in attendance, and the U.S. premiere of the Japanese film “Echoes of the Shadows” by Takeshi Furusawa, a collaborator of Kiyoshi Kurosawa. The festival will also feature the current standout "Young Blondes, Stalked and Murdered."

Hysteria Film Fest will take place June 27-30 at the Arkadin Theater, 5228 Gravois Ave, St. Louis, MO 63116. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the official Hysteria Fest website. Read the full release announcement ahead.

Hysteria Fest, the celebrated film festival, is back with an exciting lineup for 2024. This year, the festival shines a spotlight on Scandinavian horror while showcasing the best horror films on the festival circuit. Scheduled from June 27-30 at the Arkadin Theater in Bevo Mill, Hysteria Fest will present a compelling array of films with screenings both inside and outside.

Founded and directed by Paul Hibbard, Hysteria Fest has grown to become a must-attend event for horror enthusiasts. This year's festival will feature a special screening of "Ghost Game," the latest film by acclaimed filmmaker Jill Gervargizian and produced by Eduardo Sanchez from "Blair Witch Project." Gervargizian will be in attendance, engaging with the audience and providing insights into her filmmaking process.

"We are excited to present an eclectic mix of horror films that push boundaries and redefine the genre," said Paul Hibbard. "Our focus on Scandinavian horror this year offers a unique perspective, blending deep storytelling with cultural richness."

The festival will open with a special 20-year anniversary screening of "Dogville" and close with the 15-year anniversary of "Let the Right One In." Additionally, the silent film "Haxan" will be featured, adding a classic touch to the lineup. Hysteria Fest will also showcase films from almost every continent, highlighting the global nature of the horror genre. Among the diverse selection is the US premiere of the Japanese film “Echoes of the Shadows” from longtime Kiyoshi Kurosawa collaborator Takeshi Furusawa. And the cult festival hit "Young Blondes, Stalked and Murdered" will also be screened.

Hysteria Fest's mission is to foster a community of horror fans and filmmakers, providing a space for innovative storytelling and engagement.

Join us for an unforgettable horror film experience at Hysteria Fest 2024. For tickets and more information, visit Hysteria Fest Website.

About Hysteria Fest: Hysteria Fest is an annual horror film festival held in St. Louis, MO, showcasing the best in horror cinema with a focus on innovative and boundary-pushing films. The festival includes outdoor screenings, filmmaker Q&As, and special events that celebrate the horror genre.

For media inquiries, please contact: Paul Hibbard

Hysteria Fest

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