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If the water doesn't get ya the execution will 'Float' - movie review

One of the time honored traditions of warm weather fun is a good ole float down the river. If you were raised in the south or midwest you know floating as much as you know the difference between White Castles and Krystals. While there have been films in horror that involve floating there hasn't been too many on the subject directly. Zac Locke drives the narrative in a different direction with his supernatural meets creature feature slasher esque film #FLOAT. This turbulence of a film is a mash up of traditional American scares blended with a social media flair for all out chaos. FLOAT will make you hate the existences of these individuals from start to finish and for some it makes the film even more appealing to see they're demises.

FLOAT stars Kali (Kate Mayhew) a social media blogger influencer who like many is looking for some fresh viewer engaged content. Her idea is to document the spreading of the ashes of friend who died at the same spot they are returning to a year ago. In "scooby doo" fashion a stranger warns them there is something evil in the water and like most of us in our youth we don't listen. You know the drill. Bodies start piling up and some unique relationships start developing in this over the top mess of a movie. Pull up your chair and popcorn and be ready for a ton of laughs here. So much of FLOAT is absurd it's hard to tell if Locke deliberately wanted the engagement of the characters to be so bad. Still you won't see what's coming when there evil starts to show up (believe me I'm not lying here) so don't be surprised if you move past this film soon after you start it.

FLOAT finds itself among the catalogs of social media driven horror without clear focus. Everyone is down for a nice little water monster movie but there needs to be just a tad bit more substance here. Like mentioned earlier don't hesitate to put this on for some good laughs and bloody kills. Outside of that this film may just float by you!

2 / 5

Written and Directed by: Zac Locke (The Voyeurs, Black Christmas)

Cast: Kaya Coleman (The Sinners, Dangerous Game: The Legacy Murders) , Scarlett Sperduto(Those Who Walk Away), Grant Morningstar (Meathook), Kate Mayhew, Matt Wise, Christina Nguyen (Lion)

VOD and Digital Platforms December 9, 2022 from XYZ Films

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