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"In A Violent Nature" - movie review

Slasher films are to horror what a spoon is to a kitchen filled with utensils—an essential tool used to craft countless horror classics. Chris Nash attempts to thrust us into the warpath of a sadistic killer in his relentless thriller, "In A Violent Nature." While the film delivers the expected carnage with a plethora of kills, it falls short in providing an engaging narrative to accompany the over-the-top kill scenes, failing to reach the heights of early 2000s torture horror films.

I really wanted "In A Violent Nature" to be an unapologetic assault on the senses, challenging the viewers' minds and eyes. Instead, what we received was a beautifully shot nature hike horror flick, courtesy of cinematographer Pierce Derks. It's clear the filmmakers believed the gruesome kills would compensate for any narrative shortcomings, but unfortunately, this approach feels amateurish. "In A Violent Nature" is a visually stunning monologue of torment, teasing the viewer with the anticipation of each kill, hoping each one will be more drastic than the last. However, with more kills, the anticipation would have been warranted. I wasn't as captivated by the kills as others might be, perhaps reflecting my own dark tastes, but I expected so much more from this film.

Although I usually refrain from being so personal in my reviews, the singular focus on the killer's point of view (portrayed by Ry Barrett) warrants it. Barrett seems to revel in the kills, which will undoubtedly make for a fun experience in any theater screening "In A Violent Nature." Still, I am curious how hardcore gore fans will react. My expectations for shock value were higher, which might be due to my own lofty expectations. "In A Violent Nature" does feature a scene that will be talked about for some time in horror circles, but the overall film might get lost in the hype surrounding its name.

Rating: 2.5/5

IFC Films Will Release IN A VIOLENT NATURE Exclusively In Theaters May 31st

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